“These images were taken as early as 1850”

If collecting photography is collecting the world, here are two worlds: sepia and digital color; late 19th and early 21st centuries; Damascus and Cairo in old and current photographs. Right now I’m delighting in MidEastImage.com.


ABOVE: The Treasury, Omayyad Mosque Damascus, undated (late 19th century?).


ABOVE: The Treasury on my first trip to Sham, April 2007. 


ABOVE: “Photograph by Tancred R. Dumas, Italian in origin, studio in Constantimople and later in Beirut, photographed late ninteenth century. The photo is of the northern gallery of the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus.”


ABOVE: Omayyad Mosque earlier this fall, looking toward the northern gallery. 


ABOVE: Souq al-Hamidiyeh, Damascus, early 20th century.


ABOVE: Souq al-Hamidiyeh today.

And because Cairo is always close…


ABOVE: Ibn Tulun Mosque, “by Bonfils, 1870s.”


ABOVE: Ibn Tulun in June 2007.


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