Tahrir clashes, people vs. police

Tonight for the first time since late January, when Egyptians overwhelmed the police and began their revolution, protestors battled the Central Security Forces in central Cairo. Tear gas was fired dozens of times, loud, low booms echoing in and around Tahrir. Blocks away things seem normal enough; I was walking back to my apartment near the Interior Ministry, having heard that protestors were squaring off with the CSF with stones and courage. For hours now I’ve been following Jazeera and Twitter, and closing windows against the waft of tear gas. Protestors fought their way up Mohamed Mahmoud St., in front of the AUC, building barricades. The smell of burning rubber was in the air, and clouds of smoke and gas. And behind it, chants. Where is the otherwise ever-present military? As of now, the clashes have been going on for nearly 6 hours.

Jack Shenker has an early report on the clashes in the Guardian. So does Abdel Rahman-Hussein at Al Masry Al Youm.


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