A Military Coup


So let’s get this straight. We are supposed to believe that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was reelected in Iran’s presidential election last week by a 2 to 1 margin against his reformist rival Mir Hossein Mousavi. That this deeply unpopular president, whose gross mismanagement of the state budget is widely blamed for Iran’s economy hovering on the edge of total collapse, received approximately the same percentage of votes as Mohammad Khatami, by far Iran’s most popular past president, received in both 1997 and 2001? That Mousavi, whom all independent polls predicted would at the very least take Ahmadinejad into a run-off election, lost not only his main base of support, Tehran, but also his own hometown of Khameneh in East Azerbaijan (which, as any Azeri will tell you, never votes for anyone but its own native sons)…and by a landslide. That we should all take the word of the Interior Ministry, led by a man put in his position by Ahmadinejad himself, a man who called the election for the incumbent before the polls were even officially closed, that the election was a fair representation of the will of the Iranian people.


Reza Aslan at The Daily Beast. Photo from the AP of Monday”s protest in Tehran, from Azadi Square.

From Tehran

This was forwarded by a friend. The photo mentioned is from this YouTube video:

a political coup is happening in Iran

the person in white shirt is my friend,***, student of sculpture at Tehran University, School of fine arts. I was chatting with him hour ago on yahoo messenger, he was inside Tehran University Dormitory. he said he had hid himself under the bed but he could hear screams and shouts. he told me there is blood everywhere and police are finally gone. the students had taken some of the militia’s captive and they were holding them inside the library. the police storms the library and arrests everyone. the number of injuries and arrests is unknown. this happened at the night of june 14 2009 after midnight. earlier in the evening, this video was recorded inside tehran university school of fine arts. in this video Rahnavard urges student to non violent protest and promise them that her husband would not give up. hours later the police attack univeristy too. some of the people you see in the video incuding girls are missing at the moment. People inside Iran are in media boycott and reporters of westeren media are unfortunately being deported from Iran because their visa’s have expired. please spread the word and let the world know what is happening in Iran these days.