From Tehran

This was forwarded by a friend. The photo mentioned is from this YouTube video:

a political coup is happening in Iran

the person in white shirt is my friend,***, student of sculpture at Tehran University, School of fine arts. I was chatting with him hour ago on yahoo messenger, he was inside Tehran University Dormitory. he said he had hid himself under the bed but he could hear screams and shouts. he told me there is blood everywhere and police are finally gone. the students had taken some of the militia’s captive and they were holding them inside the library. the police storms the library and arrests everyone. the number of injuries and arrests is unknown. this happened at the night of june 14 2009 after midnight. earlier in the evening, this video was recorded inside tehran university school of fine arts. in this video Rahnavard urges student to non violent protest and promise them that her husband would not give up. hours later the police attack univeristy too. some of the people you see in the video incuding girls are missing at the moment. People inside Iran are in media boycott and reporters of westeren media are unfortunately being deported from Iran because their visa’s have expired. please spread the word and let the world know what is happening in Iran these days.

An open letter from her fiance

To Roxana Saberi, Iranian with an American passport

If I kept quiet until now, it was for her sake. If today I speak, it is for her sake.

She is my friend, my fiancée, and my companion. An intelligent and talented young woman, whom I have always admired.

It was the 31st of January. The day of my birthday. That morning, she called to say she would pick me up so we would go out together. She never came. I called on her mobile, but it was off, and for two-three days I had no idea what had happened to her. I went to her apartment, and since we had each other’s keys, I went in, but she wasn’t there. Two days later, she called and said: “Forgive me my dear, I had to go to Zahedan.” I got angry: why hadn’t she said anything to me? I told her I didn’t believe her, and again she said: “Forgive me my dear, I had to go.” And the line was cut. I waited for her to call back. But she didn’t call back. She didn’t call back.

“On Tuesday a prominent Iranian filmmaker, Bahman Ghobadi, published an open letter calling for the release of the Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi, who was convicted last week of espionage by a court in Iran, and revealed that they are engaged to be married.” [Via the NYT Lede blog].